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Protecting your Trademarks in Paid Search

December 13th, 2011 Comments off

Protecting your trademarks in the paid search channel is crucial to maximizing the value of your brand. Here is a total guide, with links, submitting trademark paperwork to the key engines plus strategies for dealing with affiliates and trademark bidding.

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• Why Safeguard Trademarks?

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The Role of Trademarks

December 12th, 2011 Comments off

A patent, for example, is designed to protect the inventor from having other parties use it without consent. Copyright works much the very same way. A individual who writes a hit song should obtain compensation from it and copyright is designed to safeguard the individual in this regard.

A trademark is distinctive simply because it performs two purposes. The 1st is comparable to patents and copyrights. A trademark is a way for a person or company to safeguard a logo, etc., from the misuse by other people. In truth, this is fairly considerably the underlying concept of most intellectual property. The only time a protected intellectual property proper can be legally infringed upon is if the infringer pays a royalty or licensing fee for the appropriate to use it.

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Patents in the Usa and China

December 11th, 2011 Comments off

There are numerous differences between China and United States Patent Systems. China historically rejected to defend intellectual belongings rights above all because of the two causes: folks of China have always viewed copying procedure as adulation, even though the communist government itself opposes personal property. Consequently, until China at last recognized the truth that it had to defend intellectual property privileges, 90% of workplaces practiced piracy and about 95% of software goods in China had been fake. The country began to pass rights of intellectual property only throughout 1980s. Mora than 600,000 of unauthorized holograms of Microsoft group had been discovered and the court set a charge rather the opposite with million recompense asked for by Microsoft. The United States enforced China to pass the patent law with perceptions opened by low-cost Chinese work and growing globalization. Patent law of the United States is a lot more than 100 years older than Chinese one.

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