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Basics of Copyright Law

December 30th, 2011

Copyright means the correct to copy. Copyright law protects intellectual property. It ensures that no one other than the creator himself can copy a exclusive work he has created. The original work of an author is safeguarded by copyright law. These works may include dramatic creation, musical piece, architecture, personal computer software, paintings, movies as nicely as literary works like novel, short story, poetry, essay and so on. Nonetheless copyright law doesn’t protect original suggestions, facts, systems or a exclusive strategy of operation. But the way these issues are expressed can be protected by way of copyright law.

Difference between Patent, Trademark and Copyright

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Intellectual property can be protected in 3 various ways. There are differences between patent, trademark and copyright.   

o    Inventions and further works to improve those inventions are protected via patents
o    Trademarks safeguard designs applicable to particular products or brand names of businesses or organization
o    Copyright protects artistic, literary and musical works

If you wish to know about these differences in detail you can consult a copyright lawyer.

Copyright Examples

To make this concept a lot more clear lets have a look at some of the examples of copyright

o    Video games are protected with copyright
o    Gone With The Wind – both the literary work and the film are copyrighted
o    Backstreet Boys – their compositions are copyrighted

Copyright Protection

Your original function is under copyright protection from the extremely moment you develop it and fix it in a tangible form so that men and women can perceive it directly or with the assist of a device or machine. As soon as you right a novel or compose a song or choreograph a piece it is copyright protected. Copyright protection is entitled to an original function for a particular period of time and inside that time period no 1 other than the creator of the work can earn profit from the work unless the creator himself gives permission.

Copyright law might be diverse depending on the country and state you live in. New York copyright law will not be the very same as Gambia copyright law.

Copyright Registration

Yes, it is true that the moment a work is created it is copyright protected but going for copyright registration can offer some added advantages. Copyright registration means that you have proof that you are the owner or creator of a piece of function. Copyright registration can be considered as a legal formality. Gambia copyright law advocates copyright registration. You can seek aid from a copyright lawyer just before you register the copyright for your function. But it is not necessary to do copyright registration. If you go for it you can get some additional rewards.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Copyright registration in Gambia offers the following benefits.

o    Copyright registration ensures a public record of your copyright claim.
o    Copyright registration offers added protection if an infringement suit is filed in the court.
o    If you do the registration inside three months from the date of publication or prior to an infringement of your function, you can get attorney fees and statutory damages compensation in court actions.

Copyright registration in Gambia involves a lot of paper work and legal intricacies. It is much better to depend on a Gambia copyright lawyer to manage all the complications to make certain a smooth registration procedure without having any mistake.

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