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Do You Have an Improvement Patent?

April 4th, 2012

An improvement patent is straightforward it is essentially a novel and unseen improvement to an existing or expired patent. The term improvement patent can also refer to an improvement to an existing device no matter whether or not it is already patented.  This is the very first step in the whole process of obtaining your patent!

Improvement patents need to pass all of the regular tests which apply to all patent applications. They ought to be novel, helpful, and non-obvious. Numerous times improvement patent applications are created since the inventor discovered a far better way of producing that invention following the original provisional or non-provisional patent application was filed.

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You ought to note that some improvement patents are not truly filed by the original inventor, but yet another inventor. Let’s say that Joe inventor invents the inflatable spoon comprising a spoon with an orifice to inflate the apparatus. Another unrelated inventor Jane, may possibly file an improvement patent on that inflatable spoon with an integrated pencil. Note that the original patent by Joe Inventor would not allow Jane to make her improvement invention. However, Jane’s improvement patent would stop Joe from using that improvement with his own invention.

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