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Invention Idea Advice: What You Can Do Before Paying For A Patent Search

April 2nd, 2012

Is My Excellent New Invention Concept Already Out There?No cost guidelines that you can do before paying for a patent search.
OK. So you’ve got this wonderful notion for a item and you’ve asked a couple of individuals about it and they believe it’s excellent. And you’re starting to see the dollar signs flashing. Excellent!
You’re fairly certain you’ve never observed anything like your thought before, but how do you know that no one’s producing it and you just haven’t observed it? Or maybe somebody invented it already and patented it but it never produced it into the marketplace.Here are some easy ideas on how you can find out so that you can finally start moving from thought to profitable item: 1) STORE RESEARCH• Go to a store where your product would be sold and search for your product.
• Ask the sales individual if they have a item that performs the tast that yours would.
• When describing your item idea, constantly remember to be discreet and somewhat vague.  
• Ask the sales person about buyers for your item category. You could say, “I’m performing research on this product category, would you know the name of the buyer who purchases this item category for you store?” If the sales individual doesn’t, ask them who would know.
• Call buyers in your item category.  When calling a buyer, you could say, “My name is ___________   from _______ firm  (you will need to make up a business name).  We are taking into consideration developing a product in your getting category and we (usually use “we”) would like to know if you’ve ever noticed anything like it?”  Then give a brief description of the way your product works.  
• It is a calculated risk to describe your product thought to store buyers because they have not signed a confidentiality agreement, so keep it as general as possible. Nonetheless, store buyers are usually so busy that they have no desire to run off and make your product.

2) PATENT SEARCHOf course a more immediate and thorough way to locate out if your item notion already exists is to do a patent search. 
• Sooner or later you will have to do a patent search if you intent to patent your invention.  Contrary to well-known belief, a patent does not safeguard “suggestions,” it protects the certain mechanical way you carry out that idea (Utility Patent) or the specific way any product looks (Style Patent).
• You can do the search your self by going to the US Patent And Trademark Website: http://www.uspto.gov.   An alternate well-liked no cost patent database is www.wipo.int.
• Although it can be very costly, hiring a patent attorney to do your patent search assures that you obtain the most comprehensive and specialized outcomes.
• Occasionally expert industrial style firms also present the service of conducting patent searches and helping you write your patent for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a patent attorney.

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