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Patent Registration in India: – The process of filing a patent in India

February 28th, 2012

Mainly, Patent program of India is governed by the Patents act, 1970 and has been efficient considering that 20th April 1972. The patent application drafting office has been established to administer various provisions of the patent filing and the patent law relating to grants of patent and registration of industrial designs and trademark. Basically, there are three main varieties of patents in India which are ordinary patent, convention and patents of addition. Patent system in India is administered under
the superintendence of the Controller General of Patents, Trademarks, Designs, and Geographical Indications. The method of filing a patent in India is extremely tough and cumbersome and hence it is advisable to locate a very good attorney, who can help you
in patent registration. There are several patent law firms in India during the procedure of patent filing in India, but you ought to decide on the correct law firm to complete your work without difficulty and with legality.

Patent attorneys in India undertake the task of patent registration once they ascertain that the idea is indeed novel. Patent attorney guides the clients to bring modifications in order to get patent.  Patent searches can be comprehensive, if you want to register your patent in India. The primary aim of the patent registration is to protect and prevent unauthorized use, selling and importing of the product or method innovatively invented. Patent is a legal correct given by government to the inventor of the any new and helpful item. Patent Registration in India is an exclusive right given for specific number of years to the inventor of the product.

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Patent shows one of the potent intellectual property rights. The registration of a patent confers on the patentee the exclusive right to manufacture, use, or sell his invention for the term of the patent. It indicates that the invention cannot be commercially created, distributed, utilised, or sold with out the patentee’s consent. The patent rights can typically be enforced in a court of law. Patent Registration is a specialized process calls for experts. It is a quite complicated process in India, consequently Patent Registration can also be carried out with the help of very good attorney. There are several patent registration offices accessible to assist and guide the applicant, established under the ministry of commerce &amp industry, department of industrial policy &amp promotion. Patent office looks after the distinct provisions of patent law relating to grant of patent.

Patent trademark attorney and trademark attorney India are quite different from each other, which supply advice and guidance to organizations on selecting a new trademark. On 1 hand, Trademark attorney, not only deals with any opposition successfully and as efficiently as achievable, but also they give solutions for trademark revocations. On other hand, Patent trademark attorneys offer price efficient solutions to fortify the intellectual property to the fullest extent feasible. Patent trademark attorney not only gives guidance and guidance on the registration and subsequent use of trademark, but also they will assist in preparing and filling applications in order to register a new trademark. Patent trademark attorney can support you in registering your patent matching your requirements and expectations.

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